Concordia International School: Classroom visitations

I went to first period with Stella. It was so cool to see her again; we had met the last time I was here. At that time she was the “travel director” for Michael and me. She is a good teacher. She relates well with students. She had a story about Harry Potter having his clothing stolen and then she showed a slide of him bare-chested! The kids really got a kick out of it. For the rest of the day, I observed several teachers. They were very good. I met with each of them to give them suggestions and my overall impressions. YingYIng and I had dinner at the Blue Frog (American hamburgers) I had one wrapped in a lettuce leaf. Yummy! I have had a swollen tongue every morning (salt and msg, I think) so I was craving some American food. Then YingYing took me to her hair dresser went to get our hair washed! They gave us a wash while sitting up with really thick shampoo, then rinse while lying back. That was followed by cleaning our ears with Q-tips, then a nice long massage: head, neck and shoulders, arms and hands. Then a blow-dry ! Fun! For the first time since I got here my hair looks nice!

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