First Day at Concordia International School of Shanghai

Walked to the school because it is near my hotel. I toured the entire school, met all kinds of people. Worked with YingYing Reed (the Director of Mandarin for the school) about plans for the workshop. I observed LanYing McQueen’s 2nd grade class. Amazing! The kids were so excited and they were just screaming out in Chinese!  They truly knew exactly what she was saying. It is such fun to see these little English speakers be so confident and comfortable in Mandarin! They had made up original stories and illustrated them. Then they pointed to each illustration and told the stories. They were so cute!

After school, LanYing and I went to Starbucks by Carrefour, but they only have chai tea bags, not the latte. Grr. I had dinner at East-West with LanYing and Don McQueen. Delicious! Later we went to the high school play : Neil Simon’s “Rumors.” The kids did a fantastic job and it was lots of fun. I think that being so busy all day will help me change my schedule and adapt to the 14-hour time change.

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