Maine: Day One

Skip Crosby has been organizing annual autumn workshops for language teachers for several years now! He is not an organization, yet he puts on these super workshops year after year. He gets different presenters to come and work with this great group of teachers. It is really cool. There were teachers from out-of state, also! In total there were 50 attendees. We used a lovely large room at the University of Southern Maine. I did a workshop on classroom management in the morning. It worked out well, because typically there are so many questions during workshops that are NOT about the topic of the workshop, but instead are management questions. S I really liked being able to do management first and then be able to focus on acquisition in the afternoon.  I did a French TPRS lesson in the afternoon. It went well. I really like using an embedded reading for the literacy step. One of the participants wrote today’s story so I put it into a slide show for us to read tomorrow!

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