Panama TPRS Conference (Day 1)

Panama TPRS Conference (Day 1)

Patricia Lewis is the principal of a school and the organizer of the Panama TPRS Conference. This is the second year for the conference, and she has put together a wonderful team. She got people to help with organizing, but she also got sponsors! What a great idea. One of the big helpers is a woman named Christine who does projects for the State Dept in connection with the Embassy. One of Christine’s projects was to get teacher training for thePeace Corps teachers. Somehow all these people have worked for the goal of a five-day conference to offer TPR Storytelling training in Panama! It is a brilliant plan. Patricia is going to make a huge difference in her country!

The conference has language classes in AM, and then direct training in the afternoon. So this morning Mike Ross taught German while I taught French. It was such fun to teach French again! I had a great bunch of teachers as my “students.”

In the afternoon Blaine Ray did a plenary. He introduced the concepts of TPR Storytelling. He did a super job!

After Blaine’s plenary, I co-presented with Dora in the afternoon about the steps of TPRS. This is going to be a great week!

Took a nap then dinner out on the bay. Had sea bass and sangrĂ­a. Fabulous dinner!


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