“The influence of Susan Gross on the current massive change in foreign language education in the US cannot be overstated. For over fifteen years, Susan has been, in my opinion, the most effective voice in the world in describing the changes away from the old grammar / translation methods of the past century to the new proficiency methods of this century. Anyone who has a chance to attend a workshop with Susie will quickly see what all the excitement is about, and how they can finally fall in love with their career as a language teacher. They will see what being a language teacher really means, and how much fun it can be.”

– Ben Slavic, Denver, CO

“Susan Gross is an incredibly gifted teacher of students, of French, of other teachers, and of TPR Storytelling. There are many presenters out there who are good, but it is hard to argue with the intelligence and finesse that Susie Gross brings to a presentation.”

—Laurie Clarcq
Marcus Whitman H.S., Rushville, NY

Susan, we are nearing the end of our first year of TPRS implementation, and our students have AMAZED us with their fluency!  In fact, the flip side is that many of our 2nd, 3rd and 4th year students have heard or seen what the 1st year classes are doing, and they are jealous that they don’t have the same proficiency.

In writing and speaking, our students, overall, have great confidence in their abilities.  Of course, some students are better than others, but I would put my weakest 1st year student up against my strongest 2nd or 3rd year student any day.

Susan, your guidance and energy for this method has made this all possible. I literally cannot thank you enough. We enjoy coming to work again, thanks to you.

– Chris Moore, Moline, IL