About Susan Gross

Susan Gross

Susan is an educational consultant and workshop presenter. She has been invited to consult throughout the US and internationally. She is passionate about teaching, particularly foreign language instruction.

Participants leave her workshops inspired by her dedication and enlightened by her fresh, clear presentation. She shows how to help students learn faster and remember content longer. Her teaching techniques are research-based, effective and most importantly… they work! They are so effective in fact, that it is not unusual for participants to return three or four times!

Susan taught languages in public schools for 33 years, also serving as department chair and district language supervisor. During this time, she received numerous awards, including SWCOLT “Excellence in Teaching,” CCFLT “Genevieve Overman Service to the Profession,” and her school’s “Teacher of the Year.”

She was President of CCFLT, a board member of SWCOLT, as well as fulfilling various offices in other professional organizations. Susan has written numerous articles that have been published in professional journals across the nation. She also wrote, translated, and edited a variety of foreign language materials.