TPRS Support


Please join the TPR Storytelling® bulletin board! Click on this link: TPRS Talk

It is a general support group for all TPRS teachers. Members from all around the world share their ideas, questions, and resources. There are sections for ESL, elementary, specific languages, etc.

Book TPRS A help-list for teachers adapting their textbooks to TPRS.
Elementary TPRS specifically for elementary FL teachers!
Language classes for adults, taught using TPRS methodology, are available at Fluency Fast
MoreTPRS ListServe Another general support group for all TPRS teachers.

TPRS Materials and Information


Blaine Ray Workshops, materials, handouts.
TPRS Publishing (Carol Gaab) Workshops, materials, free downloads, TPRS map.
Sabine und Michael German materials by Michael Miller. Forms, workshops, TPRS materials, IJFLT subscription, and Fluency Fast classes.
Jason Fritze Reading Resources. A complete list of TPRS Materials and a 7th grade Spanish program.
Scott Benedict’s blog, Proficiency-Based Grading system, posters, and rubrics. Excellent TPRS materials for ESL, coaching, workshops. Complete lesson plans for middle school Spanish.
Ben Slavic Ben’s TPRS books and helpful materials.
Pat Verano in Argentina offers TPRS lessons and lots of music, too.

Music Links Songs in French and Spanish for teaching language.
Sing, Dance, Laugh and Eat Quiche! Songs in French and Spanish, worksheets for elementary kids. Great collection of chants, rhythms and songs for many languages.  Todd Hawkins has great songs and even a novel.

Curriculum and Assessment links


NY State Proficiency Exam (level one language)
NY State Regents Exam (level three language)