Concordia continued

It was a nice schedule today. I observed a few teachers, had plenty of opportunity to talk with them. I also met with Jennie (curriculum director) and Ying Ying about how to design the curriculum outline and how to design a reasonable outline of chapters/units/quarters/semesters. Jennie is a joy to work with It seems like there are often directors with a rigid framework that all disciplines have to adhere to. Jennie is only interested in getting a format that works well for maximum progress on the part of learners. What a treat!

YingYing and I are planning to take a trip this weekend. We made reservations for taking the train to the water towns.

Starbucks is out of chai tea bags ! Naturally. Reminds me of the time I drank the Starbucks in hamburg out of chai! I think every city needs to be warned before I come to town!

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