Visitations and Results!

I observed and commented with four teachers today. This is a really nice schedule because YingYing organized it so that i could observe and make suggestions, then com back to see the same teacher on another day to look for improvement. It is wonderful to see that the teachers have all taken my suggestions and tried to implement them. It is a growing experience for all of us! I can see their growth and I also can see when my suggestions were not clear enough. These teachers are all so willing and eager to try new things. It is remarkable!

After school I went to Starbucks for one of those “tea bag chais” with LanYing and the high school french teacher Véronique. Then I had dinner with Véronique. She is from Canada and she is such a sweet gal! I have been eating salad every day and feel much better. I guess I just need my veggies!


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